Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The right to privacy is vital. We detest user data-tracking products and do not identify with that group. At Las Vegas Escorts For You, we strictly adhere to the “zero tracking” principle. We want to offer a service that people will become fixated on. We feel that this avoids the need for data to be gathered and dispersed over many avenues of communication and external connections. Our Top Las Vegas escorts agency will contact them directly and discuss how we might tweak our services and products to enhance their experience if we require more information about how somebody utilizes the service. The kind of identifiable information we gather is the minimal amount needed to bill a customer’s credit card or authenticate a caller or site user to protect the security of our legal escorts. This data is not disclosed to any third parties for purposes other than those necessary for the operation.

When Las Vegas Escorts For You gets an appeal for cooperation from law enforcement officials, as a rigorous generality, the agency will abide by court-approved directives that are legally binding. Our in-house abuse and legal teams would also review all data orders. Las Vegas Escorts For You will always feel free to ask U.S. officials for more information if we are unsure if an order is legitimate under U.S. law. If there are still questions and it seems that the order needs to follow the law, the agency will challenge it to the fullest degree it allows. We have never had a law enforcement agency ask for our help.

This Privacy Statement outlines our dedication to safeguarding the personal data of our legal escorts and the people who come to, have been granted permission to make use of our Services via a Client’s Account, and are otherwise identified as “Users” (from here on out referred to as “Website Visitors”).  The word “Client” refers to a person or an organization that has accepted a Service Contract for utilizing our Solutions, including a person using those Services on behalf of a Company. The word “Account” signifies a person’s or a business’s profile on or any correspondence in which you, as a Client, seek services from us.


What this Policy covers

Personal data is defined in this Policy as any information that can be used to identify or contact a living individual. A person who can be recognized directly or indirectly by using an identifying number or one or more characteristics related to their biological, psychological, financial, cultural, or social identity is said to be identifiable. Usage Information, which we describe as anonymously collected or statistical data that we gather concerning a set of services, features, or users but which doesn’t contain identifiable data, is not considered identifiable information.

Under our beliefs and stern devotion to the Safety of our Users, we do not disclose this Usage Data with affiliates or suppliers of services. To improve the Product for users and appropriately personalize the services to their use cases, we need to identify usage trends for the services or aspects we must focus on. Without your permission, if necessary, we never share usage information with independent services in a manner that would allow them to recognize you individually.


The confidentiality agreements of those other sites control their information methods and content, and our sites could include links to those sites. To learn more about the data collection policies of other websites, we advise you to consult their privacy policies.

More conditions concerning information rights may be obtained in the Terms of Service or any additional relevant contract between you and any other user of the Product pertaining to your entitlement to and utilization of these Services (“Service Contract”) whenever you buy services or goods on our sites. We can utilize specific private data to enhance our services and provide tailored assistance to our clients. Customers using our offerings searching for legal escorts Nevada assume the role of data controllers.

They are entirely liable for setting up regulations and guaranteeing that they adhere to all laws and regulations, as well as any confidentiality policies, arrangements, or additional responsibilities associated with the gathering of private data related to the utilization of our offerings by people with whom our customers communicate. Suppose you speak with a Client utilizing our services as an individual. In that case, you will be advised to contact that Client if you have any requests or inquiries about how your private data is handled associated with such engagement.

Personal data may be given to organizations that assist us in offering our services to clients. The Service Contracts with our Customers, which also cover the information handling acceptance, govern how we process personal data on their behalf and convey it to later third parties for these reasons.

We’ll use the data that you give us.

Contributions made on our site by visitors

When you visit our Top Las Vegas escorts agency, complete forms on the site, engage in some queries regarding customer service, or communicate with us in any other way, we may ask you for sensitive data such as your name, email address, telephone number, location, and the location of an event.

Details about your account and registration

Suppose you are a customer or a User. In that case, we may request and gather personal data from you and your Users, including your address, telephone number, email address, messaging ID, credit card data, and possibly your company name and email address. A third-party middleman handles billing data and credit card transactions. We allow transactions made with cash and credit cards in USD and EUR.

For the intent of this Policy, we identify any data mentioned above as “Account Info.” In particular, if you, as a customer, supply us with Account Details relating to the User, you stand for the fact that the User doesn’t have any objections to this analysis. By freely offering us your Account Details, you symbolize that you’re the proprietor of the information in question or are legally entitled to supply it to us.

Info that we gather.


Whenever a User engages with one of our sites or uses one of our services, we record specific details in the log files, like most websites and services offered over the Internet. You can learn more here regarding the information gathered from the logs.


Whenever you use the site, we track analytics data to help us make them better. We may give third-party suppliers of statistical services with anonymized information about your usage of our websites.

Other technologies for monitoring, such as cookies

We use “cookies” for gathering data. Cookies are tiny data files that a site stores on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies, amongst other things, enhance both the user experience and our internet presence. We track traffic to our website using cookies to determine what characteristics and sections are most popular.

We collaborate with third parties to handle our marketing efforts on other internet sites or show advertisements for legal escorts Nevada on the Sites. We never divulge or sell any details on our customers, users, or account details to any parties. Our Company handles every piece of data we have ever collected.

How we make use of the data we gather.

We generally utilize the data we gather to offer, maintain, secure, and improve our present services of providing legal escorts. We use the personal data we receive through our website in the ways specified in this privacy notice or on the site itself. We might use your data, too, for instance.


Conform with and implement all relevant laws, regulatory requirements, rules, and conditions of use; safeguard users from bogus, illegal, or unlawful behavior; and detect and prevent such activity.

Data made available to Users.

Depending on their privilege level, we may show those who have logged in the initials and last names of the entire team, the entertainer’s cell phone number, email address, etc. We aren’t usually the ones who handle the security of data or information provided by users who are logged in. In no event may, its wholly owned subsidiaries, partners, or any of their officers, directors, legal escorts, or agents be responsible to consumers of the products/applications for any data disclosed by the users who are logged in after receiving such data from the Company.

Transfer of Data.

In the U.S., handles private data and Account Details.

Our Top Las Vegas escorts agency guarantees that proper security measures are upheld in all the locations where we handle or store data and that the platform architecture used for handling complies with the Secure Harbor Privacy Principles established by the United States, the European Union, and Switzerland.

Transfers of Companies.

Information about users could be among the possessions handed over or taken over by another entity if Las Vegas Escorts For You, or a significant portion of its resources, becomes available or in the remote possibility that the Company goes out of operation or enters insolvency. You agree that this could happen and that the agency or an acquired company will still be able to use your identifiable data under this Policy.

Access all of your data that is kept on

If you ask, we’ll tell you if we have any of your private data or are otherwise using it. Please email us at to make this inquiry. Suppose a client has an account with us. In that case, they may alter their profile details to update or modify the details of their account, or we can assist you in doing so if you send an email to will respond to applications to access, modify, or remove your information within fifteen (15) days.

A person should contact the Client with any requests for access to, amendment of, or deletion of inaccurate personal data that has been kept or handled by us on behalf of them. We will respond to one of our clients’ requests to access information within thirty (30) days after receiving their inquiry. We might keep personal data as long as it’s necessary to fulfill our responsibilities under the law, settle disagreements, and uphold agreements.


On your behalf, we shall remove any sensitive data you may have given us regarding your utilization of our website, products, or services if you’re currently a customer or have otherwise provided it to us. If you reside in the EU, you can request the export of such private information so that machines can read and transfer that information to a different controller. The email address to send your inquiry to is

Information for kids.

We deliberately do not assemble any personal data from minors under 18. Kindly refrain from using or sending any private data through our online resources; if you’re below the age of eighteen, get in touch with us at if you have any cause to suspect that someone below the age of Eighteen has shared their data with us through our Website or Services. We will try to stop using and remove the data from our computer systems.

Your options for information.

Whenever you’d like, you may choose not to receive marketing communications or questionnaires from by clicking the Withdraw link at the bottom of each email. To unsubscribe from these emails, you can also send an email to

Alterations to this rule. reserves the right to modify this Policy at any moment. The “Last updated” column at the highest point of this page will also be changed in the instance of such an alteration. You acknowledge that using our Services after the alterations have been posted on them will signify your acceptance of the updated Policy.

Message us.

Please email us at if you have any queries concerning our Policy or the procedures we follow.